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Visualise visiting a car dealership with a large selection of new and used cars and seeing the car of your dreams. Imagine being able to take a test drive before you decide it is the right one for you and you can take your time looking around it just to make sure.

You start negotiating and the clear and concise language of the person you are dealing with makes you feel comfortable with your requirements and needs being heard and the main priority. Agreement is reached and you feel and know your decision is the right one.

Be assured that this is just the start not the end of your car purchase. The vehicle that you have selected will undergo a series of rigorous checks by qualified and trained people before you take delivery. Every single aspect of the vehicle will be checked to the highest standards. For cars sold under a manufacturer approved used car scheme the engine, the mechanics, the braking and safety systems are all checked and serviced. The bodywork is checked and made sure that it is in first class condition. The interior and exterior are cleaned and protected. At every point a note of the date, time and person undertaking the checks is made.

Imagine turning up at time and date to suit you and you see the car of your dreams ready to be part of you. The paintwork is gleaming and the interior feels like new. The paperwork is ready and you are shown around your car and you find that it does more than you originally envisaged when you first saw it.

You feel secure knowing your car is what you wanted, that it is safe and in the best condition possible.

This is exactly what you can expect when you buy a JC Campbell car. A clear, safe and comfortable experience.