Our Demonstrators Have Been Released For Sale. Save Now!

Our show cars are now available for purchase. We have to keep them for a certain period of time before we can sell them and they always sell quickly. As these are customer experience cars, they are kept in tip top condition and maintained to ensure every customer experiences that new car feeling.

These cars are low mileage and run by the JC Campbell management. So you can be assured of an almost new car at a great price!

C1 1.0 68 Feel 5 Door Red £11,260 £7,795£3,465
C3 1.6 BHDi 100 Feel Blue £17,495 £11,290 £6,205
C4 Cactus 1.2 82 Feel, Grey £17,070£10,495 £6,575
C4 Cactus 1.6BHDi Feel Red £18,980 £12,395£6,585
C4 Picacco 1.6BHDi Feel Blue£24,815 £15,650 £9,165
DS3 82 Connected Chic White/Black £16,765 £12,645 £4,120
DS4 BHDi Elegance Grey£23,605 £14,449 £9,156